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    I'm contemplating upgrading to ios 5 on my iphone 4, which I unlock using gevey. To be honest, the only useful thing I see about ios 5 is the notifications, and with all the really useful cydia apps I have that still don't work with ios 5, it isn't worth updating, unless I can get siri to work on my phone. Are there any free (public) proxy servers that work well with siri (i.e. to get siri working through spire)? I've heard of three little pigs, and recall reading about someone else who was working on something like this. Do any of these actually work (and will I be able to get onto the proxy server)? ... I just want to be sure that I'll be able to get siri working relatively hassle-free before I update to ios 5. Thanks.

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    2012-06-08 04:38 PM
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    Hi, i have tried Spire 1.0.1-1 on my iPhone 4 while on iOS5.0.1 but i don't think it works on iOS5.1
    I found two problems with Spire... it will cause copy/paste to freeze if you are using the Voice ActionMenu Plugin, but this can be turned off in the ActionMenu Settings tab,
    Secondly, Spire also stops YourTube3.1b-4 from playing downloaded YouTube files, but they still play with iFile and export to the iPod ok.
    Once you have installed Spire you have two options.
    If you have a friend with an iPhone 4S, you can use Assistant Connect to receive the 4S's Siri access info and then use Apple's Siri by entering the Spire proxy address
    This second method uses a Google alternative, in this case you have to enter the Spire proxy address
    https://siri.wordjelly.com:4443 and then install the WordJelly SiriServer Profile which you can find on their website https://www.wordjelly.com/page2.html
    They have suggestions here to alternatives to Spire if you want iOS5.1, but I have not tried these except Spite which trashed my iOS and I needed a complete restore.
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