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    Hello, dear friends!

    This weekend we have released our game - Honey Tales. It's made according to Russian remake of Winnie-the-Pooh cartoon. I would like to introduce it to you!

    It has HD version for iPad.

    Here is link for iPhone - it's 0,99 USD
    App Store - Honey Tales
    Here is link for iPad - it's 1,99 USD
    Honey Tales HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    The main characters of this game are very cute and very popular in Russia, teddy bear and little piggy; you can check them on the screenshots and on the icon pic.

    Upgradable menu.

    By the way, it achieved the 1st place in Russian Kids section. Without any advertising! During 2 sales days!

    The game has 2 mini games. One you need to use balloon as a transport, trying to avoid collisions with obstacles. You need also collect bonuses; you can use them in the shop.


    Second you need to shoot bees with the rifle. Bees want to damage the balloon and make the bear fall down.

    Hope you will enjoy it!
    2012-07-06 12:58 PM