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    High Seas 2 - the new and exciting sequel to High Seas is now available in the Apple store soon! This action packed game will put you in the boots of a treasure hunter. Fighting against mighty pirates, lethal castles and the ghosts of the dead you sail the seas in search of treasure chests. The High Seas 2 is a vastly different a venture than its predecessor as it features fifty new levels, perilous obstacles and an effortless navigation interface. Along with the added ability for ships to destroy rocks and shoot gun power barriers, High Seas 2 challenges players in a whole new way.
    The High Seas 2 brings players into a whole new world, full of action, danger and excitement. Each level will challenge you with a set number of gold, which you are required to obtain in a set period of time. You are to collect this gold goal, while avoiding the numerous menacing obstacles which barricade your path. As you advance through each level, your gold goal changes along with the sea's barriers and the time limit. High Seas 2 will put any player's navigation and defense skills to a true test. The title of treasure hunter never looked so far away. We welcome any comments, questions or suggestions!

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