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    If you...
    Driving car in rush hours and canít typing to-do.
    Donít want to miss your favorited TV-Show.
    Alway forgot time to exercise.
    Have a lot of thing that you want to do in each day but you canít remember all.

    Iíd like to highly recommend this app

    ★★★★★ VOT : Voice to-dos Reminder ★★★★★
    The Easiest Way to Create To-do in Rush hours.
    Download Now http://goo.gl/JpLvP


    Saving $1.99 (Hurry up! This is the best deal for you!)

    With Awesome Feature
    Add a new to-do with your own voice
    Set alert time after you record a to-do
    Build-in Calendar add to-dos in any days
    Manage your to-dos which are sorted by date, manual, or completed tasks
    Edit, change title, move, and delete any to-dos
    Prioritize your to-do by give the rating to each to-do and more
    Auto stop record and save after you finish recording to-do
    VOT Digest for remind you how many tasks you did in the previous day
    Set your alert time and Snooze Interval

    No need to type text. Simply speak your personal to-do, set the time and date, be reminded in your voice.

    I know everyone have a lot of important thing to-do.
    Letís make you life easier with VOT. Now FREE for everyone. (Save $1.99)
    Download Here: http://goo.gl/JpLvP
    If you already download VOT, Please give us rating and let us know your feedback.

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    2012-11-08 01:19 PM
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    Hurry Up!! Vot Free For A Very Limited Time!!
    2012-11-11 05:42 AM
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    Vot is now free again (was $0.99)
    2012-12-20 04:53 PM
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    VOT: Voice To-dos is now on sales for a limited time!! Get it now before price goes up

    2013-04-12 12:56 PM