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    Hi all,

    I just want to share to you our app release. It's free from now (throw $2.99 away, ). Our app provide most of powerful features on Dropbox web app and more.. We go free for AirFile app one week, let's enjoy it as soon as possible,

    Here are some reasons which I think our app is good for Dropboxers,

    - If you have more than 1 Dropbox account. How can you use it in only one app ?,
    You can link multiple account in AirFile app and it's very easy!,

    - Have your ever heard about Total Commander ?
    AirFile on iPad is an app with 2 files/folder panes side by side. You can navigate and do your operations(copy, move, rename, new file, new folder, ....) between your account. It's easy and simple to use.

    - You want to upload/download all your photos to/from your Dropbox account ?
    AirFile work like an uploader/downloader, and will transfer all selected photos between your Dropbox and Dropbox as well. It's easy.

    - How about my video ???,
    AirFile can upload/download both your photos/video as well, .

    - Can you upload a file from your email to your Dropbox ?,
    It's work great, just open-in your attachment to AirFile and select where to upload. Is it easy to you, .

    - Sort and group your files/folder. See your file in a really messy folder ?
    AirFile can sort/group your files/folder as well. You can focus to your file in a very fast and convenient way,

    - You just delete wrong file ?, an important file, fail in business ?, what the hell is this ?,
    AirFile can show you what you deleted, find your file and recover it like in your Mac/PC. . Can you do that in other app ???,

    - Is it fast and will not download all the time ?
    AirFile is fast and convenient. AirFile dont download things which you have downloaded anymore.

    - You updated your files, add new files/folders to your folder. Is it appeared in iDevice ???
    AirFile will detect what you changed and only get things changed. Not the whole your data.

    - Can view your file offline ??
    AirFile can show your downloaded data when you are offline as well.

    Here is Appstore link: AirFile

    Hopefully you can download, give us a try and feedback(graphics, functions, ...). We appreciate your kindness, AirFile - the most powerful Dropbox file manager on iDevice-beauty.gif

    Hope to help you more with our app.

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    How did you come to Dropbox without AirFile App,
    2012-11-22 04:03 PM