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    Game story and introduction
    Danger! A mysterious alien power has invaded the world. The oceans have become toxic and the fish have become evil.

    We need you to save the world! You and Seal will fight powerful enemies led by the Big Octopus. You have to foil the aliens’ evil plan by leaving them no place to hide!

    This is a simple but challenging game. To win, you need to draw simple and perfect lines on the screen. If you have a good plan of attack, use all the Props you find and upgrade your Skills, the land area will get bigger and bigger and you’ll lock the Boss into the ice or into an energy ring!

    Four Worlds – Eight Chapters – Seventy-two Stages -- Fifty-six Challenges and Magic Stages –Free upgrading for more playing modes -- Over thirty different kinds of little monsters to fight – Over twenty Props with different functions – Random fighting situations -- Fantastic ends -- and more expectations for the future free upgrading!

    You can check out our videos and game trailers on

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    2012-12-11 06:39 AM
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    Oh! I've tried it. Looking cute~ and quite a nice pastime. Love it!!!
    2012-12-13 06:44 AM