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    Hi all,

    I'm delighted to announce the release of my latest app: Weather Tune (for iPad).

    Having used many weather apps in my time, I wanted to create something more unique and include a mixed fusion of features that would likely keep the user expectation fulfilled. My initial inspiration came from the interface of digital radio, and from there I de-constructed the original layout and bit-by-bit rebuilt a unique interface with a variety of different functions and abilities.

    App Store Link:

    Video Preview:

    Version 1.0 of Weather Tune includes an interesting set of weather related features. These features include a general current weather overview display (based on your location), it's useful to know that you can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius as your preferred temperature display. There is also a storm tracker map feature that will let you know of any current hurricanes or tropical storms occupying the US states. Also not to forget the climate news feature, this will keep you updated of any severe weather that is currently happening around the globe. For those of you who like the comfort of radio, there are a selection of music & news channels for your information and entertainment, these can be selected via the apps interactive music display.
    2013-02-08 02:03 PM
  2. Rory Buckley's Avatar
    I am delighted to announce the release of Weather Tune 2.0.

    This is a major update with many enhancements and additional features.

    Here is the video demo to give you a good idea about how the app works:

    App Store Link:
    2013-04-24 12:36 PM