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    Hi everyone!

    Private Locker for Photo & Video
    Keep the whole secrets in its place

    Private Locker for Photo & Video is now available for FREE on The Apple’s App Store

    iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/private-locker-for-photo-video/id590214444?mt=8

    Introducing Private Locker for Photo & Video. Please watch the video first. It won't let you down!

    Private Locker for Photo & Video app is a brand new privacy app for secure your secret pictures and private videos. FREE and Unlimited storage!

    Advanced Secure
    Protection against theft and keep secrets safe with the powerful security system including..
    Passcode 4 Digits, Password Alphanumeric, Pattern Gesture.
    Decoy mode, reverse your passcode to enter decoy mode. 

    Camouflaged home screen as black icon(move the app to a folder and no one can see it)
    Anti Thief System any access attempt is recorded by the front facing camera.
    Surveillance System, after enter wrong passcode or pattern 3 times your recorded security camera will appear.

    Intruder Report, app will capture photo and video of the intruders while they attempted to access your secret album. 

    Self-destruction, You'll get 5 chances to correct passcode. After that, the app will automatically erase all data in this app. 

    Panic warp system, instantly switches to another app using motion gesture flick, shake, and facedown. 

    Unlimited Photo and Video Storage
    ★ Quickly take new pictures.
    ★ Fast and intuitive Photo & Video viewer
    ★ Thumbnail view easy to organize your album.

    ★ Take private photo or video from within the app. 

    ★ Categorize your folder with color. 

    ★ Unlimited albums or folder. 

    ★ Slideshow with music and transitions.

    Beyond your imagination
    The newest designed. Tons of feature.
    ★ Multiple Import and Export media file from and to Photo Album, Camera roll
    ★ Multiple import and Export media file from and to your computer via iTunes File Sharing.
    ★ Quick add button, easy to take photos no need to put in the passcode before add new media.
    ★ Bluetooth Sharing.
    ★ Email file sharing.
    ★ Share your funny or secret photo to your friends on Facebook, twitter, Instagram.
    and more!

    Private Locker for Photo & Video
    Keep the whole secrets in its place

    iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/priv...590214444?mt=8

    Thank you for taking your time! We'd love to read your comment for keep it to improve Private Locker better!
    For more features and iPad version, it will be coming soon. I promise.

    i-App Creation Team
    2013-02-11 11:23 AM
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    Don't let your secret out this Valentine's Day

    2013-02-14 10:01 AM