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    Here, we have the best jailbreak app ever for your iDevice. The app is named as HelloSPY allowing you to monitor the other iPhone or tablet to track its data. Once you have installed the app, it let you monitor the calls, real-time GPS location of the device, messages, contact lists, images and much more. In short, the app offers monitoring, tracking, protecting, and backing up that data of your smartphones.

    The app best to use if you feel the need to monitor the phones of your children, or if you want to track the emails of your employees. Other than that, it also let you get the back up of your data and to keep your data of your phone safe.

    Here is how the App is described at the official website of the HelloSPY app:

    HelloSPY is an application for tracking and monitoring any smartphone and tablet. Once installed you will be able to monitor all Calls, real time GPS location of the phone, SMS messages, entire contacts list, Images and many more. HelloSPY app satisfies all your needs in monitoring, tracking, protecting and backing up smartphone data.

    The app provides you with the best way to keep in the regular touch what your persons around you doing via their device, whatís going in their life and what are they up-to? If you want to give this app a try, it provides a free trial of the app for complete 48 hours, and you can also subscribe to a monthly premium plan costing you $7.39 only.

    HelloSPY - Quick Features List

    Track Phone Location
    Read Phone SMS Remotely
    Read Phone Contacts
    Read iMessage and Whatsapp messages
    See Call History
    Track Internet Browsing History
    See All Photos Captured
    Record Apps Usage
    Auto Answer ( Spy Call )
    Back Up & Download CSV
    Free Update
    100% Undetectable

    You can download FREE and use trial 48h Full features at HelloSpy.Com

    Hope you like it!
    2013-03-12 08:17 PM
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    have not heard of hellpspy before. I would rather try some popular ones like spybuble.
    2013-05-19 10:19 AM
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    i have try it, its spy cool, but its only 48 hours for FREE (
    2015-05-24 11:22 AM
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    2015-06-01 10:43 PM