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    I have made an AppStore called iEverythingCloud which was the carry on of iEaStore as i killed that off last year. It is a simple app just for downloading apps that people submit or apps that are from Cydia.
    It is free and its quite fast at the moment and it has just over 100 users but hoping to have a good AppStore for jailbroken devices that works as most of the so called alternatives are crap and slow and buggy and have about 2 apps and are made with iWebKit.

    I have worked hard on making it as fast as i can and hopefully this post will get developers to submit apps to us so we can make it the ultimate AppStore for jailbroken devices.

    Be sure to follow @iEverythinCloud on twitter and if you want to test it out then go to ieverythingcloud.com

    Enjoy! Also if you have any questions then let me know!
    2013-04-01 06:59 PM