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    Download for free and start playing!
    Highly addictive!

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    Wish you could play 4 Pics 1 Word style games against your friends? Now you can! Download Photo Frenzy and invite ALL your friends to play against you! With hand-made words in our ever-growing database, you'll experience a different game every time you play!

    Race the clock to solve 3 (increasingly difficult) words per round! You'll earn points and coins for each word completed! After 3 rounds, the scores are calculated to reveal the winner!

    ** Features **
    - Login with Facebook!
    - Login without Facebook!!
    - Avatars to express your account!
    - Friends List!

    ** Game Modes **
    - Challenge your Facebook friends!
    - Let us match you against a Random Opponent!
    - Coin Frenzy (put your coins on the line, winner takes all!)

    Features we're working on....
    - the ability for YOU to add words and assign pics to them for everyone to play! (we'll approve every word, of course)
    - Making it even sexier.

    Note from afewguys:
    We know nobody likes an overwhelming amount of ads, so we used a minimal amount to justify the several months we spent making this game as awesome as we could. If you want to enjoy an ad-free experience, please, feel free to Upgrade to the Pro Version (we'll also throw in some free coinage to help you out)! We appreciate any and every bit of support, even the simple stuff, like sharing the game with friends/family, or Liking our game or company on Facebook.

    Please, be sure to send us questions and comments so we can make the game even better! Your feedback helps us make a better game for EVERYONE!!

    (Hint: Be sure to find all the ways you can get free coins from us within the app!)

    Download for free and start playing!
    Highly addictive!

    iPhone Link:
    2013-05-13 11:56 PM