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    The automatic lottery ticket checker for iOS devices is now available for US Mega Millions!

    LotteryTicket is a simple and easy to use app -simply key in your ticket number into the app and choose the draw date.

    This app informs users of their personal lottery outcomes through automatic alerts in order to reduce the hassles involved while checking against the draw results.

    This will be useful for people who tend to forget about checking their Mega Millions results or who find it troublesome to check their numbers against the results every time.

    In addition, the app also offers premium features like the ‘Number Predictor’ & ‘Ticket Analyzer’. The Number Predictor is the app’s version of ‘Quick Pick’ & provides the system’s picks for the next draw. It uses historical data to pick the numbers that have the highest probability of winning. The Ticket Analyzer allows users to check how many times their favorite or lucky numbers have won in the past in order to make the process of picking lottery numbers easier.

    Go to the App Store and download LotteryTicket for FREE.

    2013-07-01 06:04 AM