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    iRealSMS 3.0

    iRealSMS 3.0 is back with its latest update, offering 3 new interfaces for the quickreply and quicksend!
    Choices range from the Classic Look, the Custom Classic, and two brand new beautifuly designed interfaces by @reznor9 which fit the style of iOS 6 and iOS 7

    The iOS 6 interface takes a cue from the iOS 6 twitter and facebook sharing options. Using a custom but familiar index card style it lends itself a native look which is fun to use and easy on the eyes.

    The iOS 7 interface is an imaginative take at the share options within iOS 7 to once again create a gorgeous custom backdrop for your quickreply and quicksend. Using the new Helvetia Neue font found in use throughout iOS 7 as well as blurring effects and circular contact pictures, iRealSMS hopes to bring the essence of iOS 7 to your iOS6 device now.

    To enhance the iOS 7 styled experience, iRealSMS uses circular frames for contact pictures within the application when the iOS 7 interface is selected. A respring or application relaunch may be required for changes to take effect within the app.

    So ask yourself, do you love your iPhone but wish for something more from Apples limited Messages app? Frustrated with the fact that your missing basic functions that are available on most other cell phones? iRealSMS 3.0 fills the gap with Folders Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, Templates, Forwarding, Searching, etc., and then comes with features such as VoiceOut and VoiceControl for hands free incoming message interaction, QuickReply, QuickSend, Contact Pics, Smileys, Forward via Mail, Privacy Settings, Sent-Notifications, Password Lock, Character Counter & much more!

    The update also consists of many optimizations and welcomed bug fixes.
    For first time users the app comes with an ad supported free trial.
    Only supported for the iPhone. New themes require iOS6 to be installed on your device.
    Only available in Cydia using a jailbroken device.
    Update is being submitted and should be available soon via Cydia.
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    iRealSMS 3.0 is on sale for 8.99 for a limited time in the Cydia Store
    2013-08-10 07:04 PM