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    Turn your iPhone into a jet Fast multi-page document scanner with SharpScan!

    Perfect companion for busy users, SharpScan automatically produces small, clear, and legible standard PDF documents from any photos at a very high speed.

    Simply taking a picture of a document with the iPhone camera does not result in document quality images.
    Photos display geometric distortion resulting from the angle of the camera in relation to the document and often have unwanted background shadows. SharpScan was created to overcome these inherent shortcomings and to produce high-quality documents from the iPhone just as if they were scanned with a conventional scanner.
    Scanner-quality documents can now be produced on-the-go quickly, easily, and conveniently from any iPhone.

    What makes SharpScan unique

    Made with speed and quality in mind
    Perfect combination of image processing Speed and Quality - takes less than 3 seconds from the image shot to a ready-to-use document without any annoying manual adjustments.

    Every pixel counts
    Highest image enhancement quality - get rid of noise, shadows, distortions, and other shooting artifacts at full resolution.
    Special mode for strong shadows processing - every detail will be revealed.

    Safety assurance
    Feel free to experiment with your documents - with Non-Destructive image editing you can always revert to the original image.
    E.g. you can share a document as a tiny Black & White PDF and then convert it to full color with no pixel loss.

    Size does matter
    True Black & White image processing to produce tiny documents with lossless compression. Compare to ordinary JPEG: ~20x smaller with no pixel lost for compression. Can scarcely be overestimated in case of a slow or expensive network connection.

    Working smart
    Fully automatic document boundary detection, cropping, and perspective correction without manual interaction. Of course manual adjustments are also possible.

    PDF power
    Create industry standard PDF documents.
    - Manage document and pages: Move, Copy, and Merge.
    - Protect documents with passwords.
    - Automatic page size and orientation detection.
    - Custom page sizes including flexible (like long receipts).

    No more manual work
    Image processing and enhancement in full auto - no tedious manual adjustments necessary.

    Working with large volumes
    Harness the speed and convenience of Batch processing to scan and manage multi-page documents on the go.

    Sharing with ease
    Share documents as PDF or image files on the go.

    Free version has advertisement, scanned documents generated with watermark (PDF files only). Pro version also available.

    Download SharpScan Free from Apple Store

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