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    Railroad Extreme HD

    We have introduced an exciting cool new game Railroad Extreme HD.
    Its available on android and iOS.

    Ever wondered how train drivers drive long length trains with massive engines?
    Now you got a chance to drive yourself with Railroad Extreme! Drive massive trains and take command of rail transport operations in your hand!! Its a challenging job.
    Railroad Extreme HD is packed full of awesome game play, routes and sessions to give you the best Train driving experience on your Smartphone. Activate day and night mode, ring bell and horn, stop and start snowfall and much more all packed in this awesome Railroad Extreme HD game.
    Simple controls, beautiful HD graphics and interesting sounds real making this game more awesome!
    Game Features:
    Detailed HD graphics
    3 realistic 3D Landscapes
    3 types of train engines to choose from
    5 different wagons to choose from
    Adjustable different camera angles
    Realistic vegetation
    and a beautiful railroad journey packed inside it!!
    Railroad Extreme is a truly fun. Adjustable different camera angles will make your gaming experience more amazing.
    Whether you just love driving trains or just watching the landscapes flyby, your journey starts with Railroad Extreme HD game!!
    Are you excited about it?
    Discover the world of Railroad Extreme HD today!

    Link to App Store:

    We recommend you to download this awesome game.


    2014-09-04 02:33 PM