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    A cool new app Joinsta Messenger
    ★★★ Introducing Joinsta Messenger★★★

    Joinsta is a mobile group messenger which allows users to discover new friends and interest groups.
    Meet new friends with same interest at Joinsta!
    Amazing Features
    Joinsta has a lot of amazing features which will give you marvellous messaging experience!
    1) User friendly design
    Easy to use design and you don't even need a menu to start using Joinsta.
    2) Secure
    All of the messages are encrypted and stored securely in our cloud servers.
    3) Multi-devices support
    Sign in to the same account on different devices and your conversations will be synchronized.
    Send crystal clear voice message by our push-to-talk function.
    5)Group chat history
    Group chat history will be stored securely on our server so that you know what other people were talking about.
    6) Social networks ready
    Sign in with your Facebook, Google+ or Email account securely and share information easily to them.
    Discover new friends and groups!
    Our proprietary discovery algorithm will suggest you the most relevant friends and groups that match your interests.
    - Suggestion based on location
    - Friends and groups having the same interests
    - Share photos, voice and text message easily
    - Full control on switching notification on/off
    The only mobile messenger you need
    Joinsta can run on iPhone and Android (Windows Phone, BlackBerry are under future plan) and seamlessly synchronize all your conversations across all of your devices. No matter you are using an iPhone or an Android tablet you can continue your chats anywhere. By using your Facebook, Google+ or Email account, you can sign in to multiple devices securely and chat with your existing friends as well as meeting new friends all over the world.
    Start discovering
    Three steps to discover your own community:
    1) Customize your profile
    Start customizing your profile and let people know more about you. You can change your profile picture and status easily in profile page.
    2) Discover new friends and groups
    You can find friends and groups suggestions in Discovery page. The suggestions are based on your location and interests.
    3) Tell your friends
    Refer Joinsta to your friends and let them know how good it is. You will get more fun when more and more of your friends use Joinsta.

    Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...joinsta.client
    Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/join...er/id908195157

    Requirements: iOS and Android
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.
    2014-10-05 07:08 PM