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    Instant Translator - Translates as You Speak
    Do you want to communicate with people who do not speak your language? With "Instant Translator", you can communicate in over 90 languages!

    Speak to the app in one language and instantly hear your words translated to another.


    -Instantly Speak Another Language
    Speak to the app to get your words instantly translated to another language.

    -User-friendly Text Mode
    Type or copy text from emails, messages etc to get them instantly translated to more than 90 languages.

    -Speaks Out Translations
    With the auto speak option the app will instantly speak out translations. You can also listen to translations by shaking the device or tapping the play button.

    -Supports Over 90 Languages
    Supports 99 languages for text-to-text translation, 37 languages for speech-to-speech translation and 41 languages for text-to-speech translation
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    2016-10-23 01:41 PM