1. Dash-2's Avatar
    Found this while surfing Digg!

    Yeah. I got my hands on an iPhone, and it was seriously lacking a little beatbox/sampler. So I made one. It’s very basic at the moment, this kind of “proof-of-concept” version. It features :
    9 one-shot pads,
    3 loop-pads
    Samples in “any” format : WAV, AIFF, …
    44.1kHz, 16-bits, 1024 samples latency
    Up to 256 samples polyphony


    Download: http://bblk.net/mateo/data/BeatPhone-0.2.2.tar.gz

    Update: I've made a Default.png and an icon.png
    I'm working on the pxl.

    Update 2: Here is the app with the Default.png and a real icon.png, it also has the permissions set so all you need to do is upload! I'm still looking into a pxl.
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    2007-10-08 12:12 AM
  2. jedinight's Avatar
    cool this has many poss.
    2007-10-08 12:18 AM
  3. Dash-2's Avatar
    I just got it installed and it works perfectly!
    This is awesome!
    2007-10-08 12:36 AM
  4. zoidberg md's Avatar
    damn!! I'm at work for the next 7 hours. This would kill some time if I could pxl download this.
    2007-10-08 12:42 AM
  5. aziatiklover's Avatar
    too simple for me lol
     Think Different
    2007-10-08 12:44 AM
  6. stlcaddie's Avatar
    what all needs to be installed.....i installed app but do i need to install the usr ilb that comes with the file.....help please
    2007-10-08 12:45 AM
  7. zoidberg md's Avatar
    too simple for me lol
    im a simple person who needs simple apps
    2007-10-08 12:47 AM
  8. jedinight's Avatar
    can you say freestyle .!!!in surround sound lol
    2007-10-08 12:52 AM
  9. sogo's Avatar
    Can someone make a PXL or this???
    2007-10-08 12:55 AM
  10. Dash-2's Avatar
    stlcaddie, you do need to install the libraries.
    I'll see if I can make a pxl, never tried it before..
    2007-10-08 01:28 AM
  11. ThinkandDrive's Avatar
    Oh man. This is perfect.

    This would make it like a mobile soundboard for podcasting.

    Can't wait to get this installed.
    2007-10-08 01:40 AM
  12. outsited's Avatar
    i just installed this and everytime i try and open it the program just crashes. Anyone else?
    2007-10-08 01:53 AM
  13. Zach23's Avatar
    wow cant wait for the pxl... this looks realllly sick
    2007-10-08 02:18 AM
  14. rodeeze's Avatar
    anyone freestyle? Hit me up LOL
    2007-10-08 04:11 AM
  15. Dash-2's Avatar
    I've uploaded the app with the Default.png and a real icon.png, it also has the permissions set so all you need to do is upload! I'm still looking into a pxl.
    Check my first post!
    2007-10-08 04:33 AM
  16. jwaschbisch's Avatar
    I am feelin this app........great idea
    2007-10-08 04:37 AM
  17. jujubeanser's Avatar
    been waiting all day to get home and get this installed ;p

    love it! works a lot better than I would even expect! hope to see some updates down the road
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    2007-10-08 07:27 AM
  18. Zach23's Avatar
    Question, how come when I open it, I see the main screen and it crashes? Like I can see the drum pad stuff but nothing happens...
    2007-10-08 07:35 AM
  19. CabooseLoL's Avatar
    Um... Ive tried both downloads and i cant get them to work. The program starts to open (shows a full screen "application icon") then crashes. Any help would be nice. I really want to try this.
    2007-10-08 08:33 AM
  20. Dash-2's Avatar
    Did you guys set your permissions (chmod)?
    Also try restarting your phone and make sure you installed the libraries too.
    2007-10-08 09:41 AM
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