1. kpace1's Avatar
    Just downloaded this from installer, theres an updated interface that shows you which section of keys your currently on and note recorder with play, stop and record buttons... its pretty sweet and since i cant play the piano too well i think itll be cool for real piano players to upload there recordings for others to play on theyre pianist.app so i can get to play them

    available through mmi installer

    Attached Thumbnails Pianist 2.0 Released Supports Recording!!-img_0005.jpg   Pianist 2.0 Released Supports Recording!!-img_0006.jpg   Pianist 2.0 Released Supports Recording!!-img_0007.jpg   Pianist 2.0 Released Supports Recording!!-img_0008.jpg  
    2008-03-28 05:26 AM
  2. D3VIL™'s Avatar
    Sweetness, heading to Installer now!!

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    2008-03-28 05:28 AM
  3. Switch07's Avatar
    Works great over here. Now if only there were only a way to transfer the recordings over the the computer. I'm sure thats in the works!
    2008-03-28 05:47 AM
  4. LeathaFace's Avatar
    Man this guy (developer) is amazing!!! and thanx for the info (OP)
    They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be.
    They only lack the light to show the way.
    For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son.
    2008-03-28 05:49 AM
  5. jiggykilla's Avatar
    cool, thanks for the heads up!
    My Arrival Was Imminent!
    2008-03-28 06:00 AM
  6. D3VIL™'s Avatar
    Does anyone know where the recorded files are kept? I checked and couldn't find any. Maybe they are just temporary files that are deleted when you exit the program??

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    2008-03-28 06:45 AM
  7. kpace1's Avatar
    yea i tried looking too and couldnt find anything they are just temporary files, but i see alot of advancement here when your able to save and also download different piano songs maybe save into a list or something, i look forward to the updates and hope it is implemented, people could just upload different songs they play on the pianist.. something like with ttr when people can make their own tap beats for songs and are available for download into the program
    2008-03-28 08:07 AM
  8. D3VIL™'s Avatar
    That would be supurbuiffical!

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    2008-03-28 08:35 AM
  9. chinosoflyy198's Avatar
    like the new additions on the pianist. Now to find where its recorded and where we can upload them to our computer.
    2008-03-28 08:47 AM
  10. MooTheCow's Avatar
    Thanks for your interest!

    I sent this off to the repo late last night and in the morning here you are talking about it.

    Currently Pianist records into memory only. The real reason for this is that I want to take some time over the load/save routines and do them properly, but the record facility was too cool to keep to myself.

    The next version of Pianist (all being well) will include:-

    - New audio routines (after a month of stalling I'm going to finally get round to this) which should allow more simultaneous notes, less distortion, iPhones get to play along to MP3s, set volume levels relative to iPhone main volume, notes stop when you lift the key allowing synth sounds etc.

    - If that allows enough simultaneous notes then I might have multiple tracks to record to, or allow overdubbing of the one track. I didn't this time round because the current audio routine only allows about 4 or 5 samples to be played at once before they start cutting out early.

    - Save and Load as MIDI. These files will be accessible on your iPhone and so you will be able to share them with others.

    - 88 keys playable.
    2008-03-28 12:55 PM
  11. Billy 2 Sips's Avatar
    Great work Moo.
    2008-03-28 04:38 PM
  12. kpace1's Avatar
    cool cant wait for the new features, i was also thinking about implementing the image of the keys looking like theyre pressed when u tap them, then this program could emulate one of those cool player pianos, so when you have preloaded piano songs, you can see the keys being pressed in accordance to the piano's audio
    2008-03-28 06:58 PM
  13. nycdiplomat's Avatar
    I Dont Have Any Sound!!! How Do I Get Sound
    waiting on my iPhone 6+
    2008-03-28 07:24 PM
  14. DaveiPhone's Avatar
    Moo, thanks this is a great program that keeps improving.

    I have one giant feature request, that could turn this into the KILLER iPhone app:

    The ability to use Pianist as a wireless (WiFi) MIDI controller.

    When recording, instead of saving or sending audio data, just save MIDI data. This step would make you compliant with hundreds of thousands of songs instantly, and it's very well documented.

    How cool would it be to play into Logic or GarageBand using your phone! The amount of data transmitted would be tiny, so there really should be zero latency. I would definitely pay for this ability, and I'm sure many others would too.

    This is already available on the Nintendo DS, but it would be SO much better on the iPhone. Here's a link:

    2008-03-28 08:03 PM
  15. mifasick's Avatar
    2008-03-28 10:45 PM
  16. iBlade's Avatar
    Now if we get recording with drummer also that would really rock.
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    2008-03-28 11:31 PM
  17. Starburst~'s Avatar
    Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this. (sorry if it isn't) I didn't want to make a new thread just for a little question.
    My question is how do you play all of the 88 keys on the pianist app? I can only play about half that.
    2008-06-07 03:39 AM
  18. javieralva00's Avatar
    i was just wondering since i dont have wifi and cannot access my installer app without it can someone be kind enough of sending pianist 2.0 so i can transfer it using iphone PC Suite.... thank you
    2008-06-19 03:02 AM
  19. GADeputy's Avatar
    Installer works on Edge too. I use it all the time, it just takes longer for apps to download.
    2008-06-19 05:00 AM
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