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    Please ONLY download this file if you are willing to help me "confirm" the new LoadTheme program for iSwitcher with your 1.0.2 iPhone.

    I have revised the program to work with both 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 iPhones and have fully tested it on my 1.1.1 phone. I also did a quick test on my wife's 1.0.2 phone and it seems to work just fine.

    To install and test:
    Manual install:
    Download THIS FILE. Unzip it and copy the "LoadTheme" file into /Applications/iSwitcher.app. You shouldn't have to worry about chmod and all that crap 'cause you already have a working copy.

    Breezy / iBrickr:
    I wouldn't normally release anything without testing it but I'm without Breezy at the moment. I'm confident it will work, install that is.
    Anyhow... PXL package.

    Once installed, please test the following:

    1. Proper theme installation. Set SMBPrefs to iSwitcher and all settings to "on". Most of the v1.56 themes have wallpapers, in fact the Fall.thm has everything that could be installed. Make sure the status bar is installed and when you switch to another theme, the status bar should be cleared or replaced (depending on the theme).

    2. CAUTION, this will remove your original backup. Do not test unless you are okay with this (does anyone really use this?). Remove this file: /var/root/Media/Themes/1.thm/DisplayOrder.plist
    This will tell iSwitcher to perform a new backup. Please make sure that works by switching to a new theme. You should get the first run dialog box. Once it has switched, please relaunch and choose the main page to restore the backup you just made.

    3. Please test and make sure you can still switch keyboards. The .artwork file has been changed for 1.1.1 and I revised iSwitcher to install the right one based on 1.0.2 or 1.1.1. (to clarify, there are no 1.1.1 keyboards yet so in 1.1.1 the keyboard will not install, in 1.0.2 it will install)

    You can contact me at my gregmeach at gmail dot com address for quicker replies than PM's.

    Thanks for the help... I don't want to release v1.60 until I'm sure it works properly with 1.0.2.

    Update: I checked more thoroughly on my wife's 1.0.2 and it all works great, including restore. I have the 1.57 patch and will roll it out tomorrow on Installer and as a pxl package.
    @coreym - I would still like your input.

    Update 2: I revised the links, both files are now what will be included in the 1.57 patch and 1.60 release. This recent patch should now swap out ALL iPod Touch icons.
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    I just downgraded cant upgrade (get stuck on step 4 of install ssh) so I will try this out for you.
    2007-10-13 04:03 AM