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    Got SSH running on your jailbroken iPhone with 1.1.1 firmware? Check out SummerBoard's latest installment specifically engineered for firmware 1.1.1 users.

    Note: This is for iPhone (or iTouch!) users with firmware 1.1.1 only. For detailed instructions on jailbreaking your iPhone to 1.1.1 firmware, and getting SSH up and running, check out these guides:
    Jailbreak 1.1.1 from 1.0.2 Windows
    Installing SSH 1.1.1 Windows

    Get SummerBoard 1.1.1 Alpha here:

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    2007-10-13 03:51 AM
  2. CyberGreg's Avatar
    .... Alpha... concerns me...
    2007-10-13 04:00 AM
  3. unclear's Avatar
    2007-10-13 04:33 AM
  4. flipto's Avatar
    Works Great!
    2007-10-13 05:03 AM
  5. sogo's Avatar
    What features are included in this version?
    2007-10-13 05:31 AM
  6. harryding's Avatar
    I installed it, and my dock moved up to the top of the screen and covers up the first row of icons.................so I uninstalled it and it switched back. I'm gunna wait to use this till all of the kinks are worked out..........

    Edit* Whats the name of this theme?:

    ME GUSTA!!!
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    2007-10-13 05:32 AM
  7. unclear's Avatar
    What features are included in this version?
    Updated first post to include screenshots of available settings... They all seem to work fine.
    2007-10-13 05:44 AM
  8. fred777's Avatar
    can we get an honest review of this compared to the 1.0.2 version?

    Is everything working?
    and added/dropped features?

    This was the only thing keeping me from updating.
    2007-10-13 05:50 AM
  9. rustymetal's Avatar
    how do I copy the files to my iphone? ibrickr does not work with 1.1.1, and im not too familiar with ssh..
    2007-10-13 05:57 AM
  10. long10horns's Avatar
    How do I do this? I am confused at what these lines mean:


    Make sure that the plists permissions are as such:

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 704 Oct 9 20:00 com.apple.SpringBoard.plist

    I can't figure out these permissions, it says its not valid...
    2007-10-13 06:03 AM
  11. unclear's Avatar
    0644 Permissions... That's what it was by default for me.
    2007-10-13 06:27 AM
  12. rustymetal's Avatar
    Got it installed but does not work, shows the summerboard default background for 30 seconds then crashes. no opens. ahh guess i keep waiting
    2007-10-13 07:23 AM
  13. rklosinski's Avatar
    if you dont understand the instructions, you better wait for the released version. Besides, there are bugs in the installation. Im sure it will be ready for prime-time soon enough...
    2007-10-13 07:24 AM
  14. musicpenguy's Avatar
    I would like to keep the way Apple does the multiple springboards but use the themes and tweaks to springboard is this possible, with installation without removing the springboard tweak it seems to do absolutly nothing?
    2007-10-13 07:27 AM
  15. stlcaddie's Avatar
    i already did the springpatch....do i HAVE to remove that first or can i just install the summerboard
    2007-10-13 08:32 AM
  16. unclear's Avatar
    I don't know if you have to... SummerBoard scrolls springpatch style (horizontally) instead of OldSummerBoard style (vertically)
    ...check out the screenshot.

    As far as a review, there isn't much difference... maybe a few missing features.. look at the screenshots and see if anything is missing from 1.0.2 version.. I don't have it anymore obviously
    2007-10-13 08:37 AM
  17. iPhone8G's Avatar
    Has anyone ever ask ... what would happen in a year when we need to send in the iPhone to have the battery replaced? after we mod'em! I personally mod the heck out of my iPhone already...
    2007-10-13 09:10 AM
  18. Jasper44's Avatar
    Has anyone ever ask ... what would happen in a year when we need to send in the iPhone to have the battery replaced? after we mod'em! I personally mod the heck out of my iPhone already...
    2007-10-13 09:11 AM
  19. stlcaddie's Avatar
    i just installed summerboard with out removing the springpatch and everything seems to be working.....took 4 days but finally got this all done....time to SLEEP....NO MORE CRACK....LOL.
    2007-10-13 09:16 AM
  20. daniel_emt's Avatar
    This worked great for me, i already had the springpatch and just did this over it, and it GREAT to have my phone back... now all I need is rSBT to rearrange my icons.

    Here is my 1.1.1 iPhone:
    2007-10-13 09:42 AM
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