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    What the heck is this?

    I have compiled all the software you could possibly need for your iPhone into a single file. If you are Jailbroken, or plan on JailBreaking, then this is perfect for you.

    NOTE: If you Jailbroke with ZiPhone, in order to get some of these apps to work, you may need to install the iBrickr fix from the "i.unlock.no" source, in the "Unlocking Tools" section.


    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFrERdUahMY"]YouTube - iPhone Kit 0.4 Update[/ame]

    Uninstall any old version you may have. You MUST have Adobe Flash Player 9 to use the new GUI.

    Here it is! the long awaited version 0.4 Beta! I put it up by popular request. Enjoy the brand new GUI, and applications!


    NEW! Download v0.4 Beta: Download It Now! - Mirror 1 - Mirror 2


    I take no credit for anything in this kit, I just put it all together. Thanks to everyone who developed these applications.


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    2008-05-22 01:47 AM
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    Veryy nice, and useful =]

    I'll spread the word.
    A Thanks is always nice =]
    2008-05-22 06:10 AM
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    Veryy nice, and useful =]

    I'll spread the word.
    Thanks dude. The project isn't kickstarting too good.
    2008-05-24 02:20 AM
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    nice thanks!
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    2008-05-24 08:09 PM
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    hosting it here... www.theluiz.com/iphonekit04.exe
    tell me if i should take it down though...
    also wrote about it on Just what you need. Apple Blog
    Wow. Thanks! Means a lot to me.

    Announcement to all:

    Thanks to luiz we now have a direct download link. Which means no more rapidshare wait times or captchas, and a faster, smoother download! Once again, thanks, luiz!
    2008-05-26 07:50 AM
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    2008-09-21 05:29 PM