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    I only wrote this in about 5 hours or so; so if there are any bugs, please tell me!

    EasyRepo lets you create installer package XML information via a GUI! Simply choose the package zip, enter a name, version, bundle identifier, description, the more info URL, the URL that the zip is going to be uploaded to and press a button! That's it! Now open your repo, press CTRL+V, enter the install and uninstall information and you have a fully working repo with one more package!

    Download link!


    Thanks; iThemer, EasyRepo and AppleTap developer:

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    could you make an app that gives you only the date,size and hash?
    and you should add an install script option to the app where users could choose and action like: copy path
    2008-06-27 11:17 PM
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    k i just made that program
    theres just line that i forgot and that i need to insert for the time and hash to work...
    ill find it out and then post it here

    k 12345, i made the app... i called it DHS (date, hash, size)
    ps, dont be afraid to donate
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    Great! tnx!
    2008-06-28 09:17 AM
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    wrong forum, luiz.
    2008-06-28 09:19 AM
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    ****, someone moved my other pc release [iThemer] into here, and now this is wrong again...
    2008-06-28 12:58 PM