1. Trent J.'s Avatar
    Anybody wanna start? I will have a list later today on what I want =D

    Well, first off Mac support, which is coming anyways..
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2008-02-18 06:04 PM
  2. Stealth1029's Avatar
    Mix it with ZiPhone! It'd be perfect! (People who know me know I like to mix everything in to one to make it more convenient.)
    2008-02-19 01:14 AM
  3. aahandagr8's Avatar
    A file browser like iPhoneBrowser, which has quick links to summerboard themes, ringtones, etc. and compatible with 1.1.3.
    2008-02-19 04:33 AM
  4. Drakenza's Avatar
    I don't think you guys will be too disappointed...

    I wouldn't expect a whole slew of new features like 2.0 brought.

    Then again, you never know

    Anshu Chimala
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    2008-02-20 07:34 AM
  5. Trent J.'s Avatar
    Lol Drakenza.. teasing us.

    Come on guys! Keep this going to give the developer ideas
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2008-02-20 09:21 PM
  6. PrplHaz4's Avatar
    I really can't think of what else you might add...I mean, the obvious jb/activate/unlock for all versions really covers most of what people would use (imo)...maybe put some work into auto-detecting current state (avoid all of the "which button do i press?" questions...

    Some type of backup would probably be useful too...backup entire configuration/apps...etc, to allow a quick restore to a point in time or known config...

    I think the idea of combining some of the more useful apps out there into one is sound as well, assuming each individual tool is well-implemented....nothing like an all-in-one program that people hate to use...

    Whatever you choose to do, keep up the good work!
    2008-02-21 06:05 AM
  7. Drakenza's Avatar
    Remarkable, remarkable...

    Anshu Chimala
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    Visit http://www.airpoke.com, my latest project for iPhone/iPod touch.
    2008-02-21 07:28 AM
  8. Trent J.'s Avatar
    All I can really say, is that I understand you are trying to make it very user-friendly and easy to use, but I really hope you dont hold back on the features. This def. has the potential to be the only program anybody ever uses again, but, I am afraid you are going to make it so easy to use that you might not have a bunch of cool features O.o

    We will see though...
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2008-02-26 01:37 PM
  9. luiz's Avatar
    i want a windows version two!!! :P
    but i want the ability to upload things via the iphone browser... and also to delete files and folders via browser...
    2008-03-02 10:54 AM
  10. Trent J.'s Avatar
    It will be windows and Mac I am sure.

    My only current wish is that the beta would open on my Mac!

    Get on yahoo drakenza O.O
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2008-03-02 04:07 PM
  11. Drakenza's Avatar
    I see in your email that you got it to work, Trent... Hope you like it so far...

    As for the other requests... well, you'll see soon enough

    Anshu Chimala
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    Visit http://www.airpoke.com, my latest project for iPhone/iPod touch.
    2008-03-03 01:18 AM
  12. robbpell's Avatar
    a button to tell the future so i can see what apples next moves are and give everyone a heads up! jj
    custom ringtones uploader
    custom sms tones uploader
    a more convenient file browser with drag and drop to and from the phone
    a back up feature to back-up/restore data
    2008-03-03 09:05 AM
  13. brownmann's Avatar
    an option to repair the greyed out wifi / no bluetooth problem.

    its been haunting me for months!!!
    2008-03-04 12:56 AM
  14. england98982's Avatar
    All the items to work with out ssh because i have no wifi either but my bluetooth works and I can't see any networks so if u want to come out with a fix for that to.
    2008-03-04 03:41 AM
  15. Reako's Avatar
    Drakenza, if you need any beta testers for PC (Windows XP here) lemme know via PM!

    2008-03-06 12:37 AM
  16. Trent J.'s Avatar
    I think he would rather you e-mail him, Reako.

    His e-mail is idemocracy@gmail.com
    He will usually reply quickly, I haven't even had to wait a full day for a reply. But be patient, he gets tons of e-mails every day.
    Last edited by Trent J.; 2008-03-06 at 12:43 AM.
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2008-03-06 12:40 AM
  17. bilsta57's Avatar
    Don't forget iDemocracy for Mac and Windows launches on May the 3rd 6PM PST so don't miss it keep checking back on http://drakenza.com
    To check out my blog just type bilsta57 into the google search bar
    2008-05-02 05:21 AM
  18. olympiadesign's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to setup SSH or backup my phone through idemocracy 3? I had a bad crash once and don't feel like going through that process of restoring all my cool 3rd party apps... any suggestions would be great.
    Thanks in advance.
    2008-05-19 09:42 PM