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    Hey guys,
    I know this topic is a little dead. So, sorry in advance if you be come all sad. haha.

    I have this widock and after playing around with it. I figured out how to kind of make it work with the iPhone. It detects the iphone in their little program and after you hit connect, it loads up iphoto and you can download the pictures from the phone and delete them.
    But, itunes doesn't detect the device, I do hear a error beep when i connect it but don't see any error msg.

    Anyways, I am just passing this information along in case someone wants to try. A widock is like 20 bucks now since it is pretty much useless. At least it is a cheap charger + audio link? wooOOO.

    The program you will need is called SX Virtual Link after you connect the widock to your mac. I am sure someone has a widock and can get this to work.
    Or if anyone has any ideas. I will give it a try. aka a better usb network program haha.

    2009-02-11 05:55 PM