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    I notice that with the beta 5 and GM release the manner in which images are saved are different. The .THM files are not in the DCIM folder any longer but in a .MISC folder INSIDE the DCIM, also with a new .BTH file. So those sticking multiple DCIM1, DCIM2, etc. and swapping them manually with diskaid are out of luck trying to migrate images saved with past firmwares. I know that tools to view the Media or Root (which isn't possible quite yet anyways) are still being programmed for 3.0 but damn... I guess I will lose all my old Camera roll photos, at least the ones that were not synced with itunes I did try uTunePhoto but it isn't working with the new Camera Roll coding. Anyways, just a ramble that others may be interesting in searching for... Also is there an OSX tool like diskaid that works to browse even just the unjailed Media directory?

    2009-06-10 07:12 PM
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    You could use the DiskAid trial - it has a Mac version.
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    2009-06-19 06:22 AM