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    Host Outlook 2003 real time two-way synchronize whole calendar w/ access from the internet.

    This is something like iTaskPro v2.0 and iTaksPro v2.0 sync desktop program. I am going to forward the router to the host (local) computer so that iPhone (Calendar) will be able to see the computer on the internet.

    I have an unlocked iPhone 3G 3.1.2 baseband 5.11.07.

    I would like to know 2 things.

    1) How to get Outlook 2003 calendar from the host computer (not exchange server) to go there the internet and then in to the iPhone’s calendar.
    a. When I add something from Windows Outlook 2003 Calendar it then will go and sync up with the iPhone’s Calendar and then I will see what was added.

    If so then lets move on to the next question.

    2) How then can I also put that Calendar on the iPhone’s screen where it’s locked, with out unlocking it I would like to see those Outlook 2003 Calendar updates in real time two-way synchronized. What is ever on the iPhone Calendar will be projected to that area, before you unlock/.

    Can this be done?
    2009-12-03 01:55 AM