1. strelok's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Just looking for some class dump help. I've grabbed the MobileSMS.app from /Applications and tried to

    class-dump-x -H MobileSMS -o ~/headers

    obviously I am doing it on the executable inside MobileSMS.app not the app itself.

    When I look at what headers are generated I only see a handful of headers:

    169 14 Oct 00:13 CDStructures.h
    701 14 Oct 00:13 NSObject-Protocol.h
    754 14 Oct 00:13 SMSApplication-mSMSApplicationTesting.h
    1964 14 Oct 00:13 SMSApplication.h
    213 14 Oct 00:13 UIApplicationDelegate-Protocol.h
    267 14 Oct 00:13 _AudioServicesPlaySystemSound-testingAdditions.h

    Where is the rest of the app? The headers don't really have much in them, and there are only 6 files.

    If I try class dumping any other app, like MobileStore or SpringBoard, everything works fine and there are lots and lots of headers dumped. Just not sure what is going on here. If anyone can provide some insight, that would be great. Thanks in advance.

    2010-10-13 04:21 PM