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  1. invisiblelight's Avatar
    I searched in the forums and my answers have not been replied. Maybe I am asking in the wrong area so here goes again.

    A few questions I would like to know and if there is something out that to make life easier with the iphone.

    1. Is there a program that I can select auto erase, cache, history, login ids for the iphone. So lets say I am using google voice app and want the login id to be erased vs. having to manually erase it each time. Same goes with using safari that it will clear everything out vs. manual. using reset safari. I would like to select the programs that clear the data out vs. having to perform manual.

    I share my iphone and like to know if there is anything available.

    Please advise.
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    2011-08-18 09:45 PM
  2. JimBrown's Avatar
    I note this only works for apps you've added, not for pre-loaded apps, which, if you don't want one, you have to get an app you don't want and combine them to make a folder. I guess we're all supposed to be aware of how the stock market is moving.
    2011-08-19 09:15 AM