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    I updated my iPhone Notes program. It wasn't running on some iPhones and the problem was solved by putting a 250 millisecond delay between shell commands. I also updated the email address on the site which was spelled wrong.

    The program gets and puts the notes database between the iPhone and PC, and edits notes on the PC so you can copy, cut, paste, etc.
    2008-03-21 10:44 PM
  2. tag1014's Avatar
    Thanks Dave! It fixed my problem. I couldn't write the Notes database back with ver. 1.0

    Vista SP1
    .NET Framework 3.0
    8G iPod Touch w/1.1.4, Open SSH, BSD Subsystem
    2008-03-22 12:12 AM
  3. m.o.r.'s Avatar
    hi SkepticDave,

    i just noticed right now that to be able to upload/write a note from your iphonenotes software to the phone, we simply need to change the permissions of the notes.db file from 0644 into 0755.

    only thing i noticed is that iphonenotes overwrites the db file on the phone so if you just want to add a note from the pc, i have to download the notes database first then add a new note on the pc before uploading the updated database back to the phone. if i delete a note on the pc, it gets deleted on the phone as well after uploading back. but no biggie, your software still works 100%!

    the thing i like the most is that it's all done over SSH. simply wonderful man!

    your awesome software now works 100% perfect with my fw1.1.4! i don't see any reason why this would not work on an older firmware as well. will try it out tom on a fw1.1.2.

    thanks for writing this most useful piece of software.
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    2008-03-31 03:56 AM