1. 99lightning_svt's Avatar
    I have an iphone 4 today i decided to upgrade to IOS 6 big mistake.

    I backed up my phone and updated when i got done i tried to restore my data. I get (can not restore back up because backup cannot be saved on computer)
    So i lose ever thing but my contacts 5 years of text,, notes, calender, appointments, everything.

    I try everything and now I'm stuck with recovered files that got deleted(random files) which i dont know how to make back in to a backup file now that i figured out how to open the backups on my computer...

    So i have tons of files how do i sort them so i can at least get my pics and notes and possibly get my texts back

    I know it sounds peddy but i have text and pictures from people no longer with me and iv spent 12 hours trying to learn how to do this but i cant figure it out.

    Iv tried iphone extractor which worked grate but my backup files are scattered. (wonder share d phone) same thing

    Iv also tried making a copy and renaming the files to jpg to get my pics no luck yet since i dont know which files are pics.

    I got an extraction sofwear called SQ but its to complex for me to use.
    2012-12-03 06:20 AM
  2. Southern128's Avatar
    Which firmware were you on before updating?

    iCloud could have save picture & contacts already.
    2012-12-03 07:31 AM
  3. 99lightning_svt's Avatar
    I didnt have it enabled yet i think i found a good backup it had 7.7gb so that sounds like it but iphone backup extractor says its not a backup file so i think it may have a corrupt file any clue how to check?
    2012-12-03 08:05 AM
  4. 99lightning_svt's Avatar
    This is the only program iv found that got my texts back, now i need to get my pics, calender, and notes back and im set!

    How to restore SMS from iTunes backup to iPhone smoothly
    2012-12-04 02:01 AM