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    Hello! I'm developing a new program called "iCEW1ND." I've just started it and I'm going to need some help. I'm building a cross-platform backup/restore method in Java (or Groovy if I have to) that can do things like backup your apps and their data even when your device is in DFU mode. You can see it or contribute to it at I know this project is possible and I've got it completely planned out so it shouldn't be too hard. Any help, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.
    2013-11-05 10:30 PM
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    Oops, looks like this is specifically for Windows & iPods. Can an admin move this to OS Apps and Development
    2013-11-07 09:06 PM
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    ^ moved thread/
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    2013-11-07 09:31 PM
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    sounds like a great app/program, hope it is available soon.
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    2013-11-10 07:48 PM
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    Thanks! So far, I'm about 1/3 done with the iCloud decryption and I've just started the data backup/restore. I'll need at least 3 people: 1 for the UI and aesthetics, and 2 for programming/development.

    EDIT: It seems by the view count (~300 currently) that the majority of the people on this forum aren't developers. Could anyone reccomend me a website (or a person) where I could get more help?
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    2013-11-11 06:55 PM