1. joetex's Avatar
    I find the iPhone makes, oddly, an excellent deskphone when I use the bluetooth headset. Calls come in, I can see everything about the call easily, and picking up is a breeze.

    Anyone thoughts on how you might integrate phone dialling from a desktop with the phone -
    1) I see a phone number on the screen can highlight, type control key, and the telephone number is sent to the iphone and it dials it.
    2) I have a contact in Outlook, and I click on dial it, and the telephone number is sent to the iphone and dials it

    Seems like having some simple daemon on the iPhone waiting for dial requests would do it, and a widget, or other background app on the Windows side would do it.
    2007-10-06 10:56 PM
  2. jwcrash's Avatar
    I too find the iPhone to be an awesome desktop phone (especially when paired with my WiEx booster). The requests you have are very tall orders and I'd love to see them available someday.

    In the interim, I've found GrandCentral to be an excellent bridge between contacts on my computer and my iPhone. It allows me to "dial" anyone in my GC contacts via any of my phones...including the iPhone. It call your cell, then connects you with your contact. See the attached image in case my description is a little convoluted.

    Check it out...I think you may find it useful!
    Attached Thumbnails Integrated Dialler: Iphone as Deskphone-gcentral.jpg  
    2007-10-06 11:31 PM