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    I am a high school English teacher and I just got my first classroom. The school is very impoverished and our budget for anything is basically zero. Our readers are more than nine years old, and our laptops are from about the same time. I have 5 classes totaling about 160 kids.

    I am putting this request out to the modmyi community, in case someone has something they don't want, or a completely extra item they want to donate. I am placing this request here, because I don't intend to splatter a request like this on a general forum. Basically, if someone sees it, and wants to donate, personal message me.

    I am looking for books (5-10th grade reading levels, my students are remedial), laptops, headphones, iPads (i know, stupid request, but I can have 4-5 students on 1 station with this thing, reading the same thing), any E-Reader, stereo, speakers, projector, etc. So, if you have extra electronics or sets of books, or anything you think would be helpful in a high school English classroom, let me know.

    Again, I'm not looking for anything, just by the odd chance you have something, let me know. I am using a fairly new laptop, and they provide us with a crappy XP desktops for the students that do nothing but lock up and cause frustration, so I'm not looking for anything.


    P.S. I can take pictures of the students using anything you donate if you want and post it here with thanks!
    2012-01-05 11:50 PM