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    I would like to sell both my ipads, 1 iPad mini 32gb mint condition shsh for 6.1.3 saved in cydia I will include my Speck grip candy shell $45 original(great condition) and I placed a brand new screen protector on it.
    iPad mini 32GB Black: $300
    pics for the ipad mini:

    iPad 3rd gen 32gb, white mint condition I have to check what shsh I have saved on cydia, I will include my kudo solar battery charging case(from the original kickstarter campaign, It is a solar charging battery case, and if you want you can purchase a charge cable to pre-charge it from the wall outlet, they are about $5-6 from their site) for the ipad2/3 with the ipad. I am at work at the moment and I will upload the pics for this ipad when I get home... both of the iPads were babied and always had both a screen protector and a case on them at all times. I should also have the box for both, I have to check if I saved them or not...

    iPad 3rd Gen 32GB White: $450 with the Kudo Solar battery case.

    I live in the metro NYC area and I am able to meet in either Brooklyn or manhattan, public area(such as a starbucks).

    If you want both its $700
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    yes i have 6 laptops and an iPhone 5s Space grey Tmobile, iPhone 5 LimeGreen AT&T, iPhone4S jailbroken unlocked FS, iPad mini 32gb jailbroken, and an iPad 3 Both FS click here, im an outlet whore what can i say...

    ***Update, I got a new MBA4,2 13" FS maxed options, I just ordered the new retina MBP 15" maxed out all features!
    I also run a tech news and tutorials blog.
    2013-11-10 08:25 PM
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    sent you a pm
    2013-12-08 02:50 AM