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    I've been trying to make my iPhone more Vodafone UK friendly:

    1) Trying to eliminat the annoying scrolling text of the carrier name. I've followed various instructions on replacing the Carrier Logo (Vodafone UK seems to be picked up from the Network ID and doesn't use a logo), and also the Hex editing mod to change the font size of the (here - but that didn't work - no changes for me... (Update -must have been a muppet - I've now got this to work - must have been an issue with my Hex editing skills - or lack of them I used a 10 point font and it worked - 12 didn't)

    2) Also I used to really like the SMS alert option (I would get an SMS to alert me that I have a voicemail with a 121 callback prompt) for voicemails for Vodafone UK - this no longer works on the iPhone and I have had to switch back to 'call back' alert - Any ideas?

    3) The iPhone, as you might expect, defaults all address book entries to 'United States' in the address book field - this influences the phone number format - Any Ideas on how to change the default country settings of the iPhone?

    3) What has worked is changing the 'Voicemail' shortcut to 121 (dial this number: 5005*86*121#) and editing the number formats so that Caller ID works and the format of the numbers is more UK centric. Also the EDGE settings to : APN:Internet, Username:web, Password:web worked a treat.



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    2007-10-14 09:29 AM
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    One thing you havent mentioned is the annoying +44 problem. In the uk people who phone come up as 079******** whereas when you get a text it comes through as +4479********... Which means unless you store both formats for a contact it wont bring their name up.

    There is a simple fix for this on this site.
    Go to the home page and choose 'downloads' and then 'modded files'. In there you can download a file which will fix it. You need to use the '9' version for the uk. The instructions are in the thread for the download.

    Now to mod my carrier font size to stop it scrolling!
    2007-10-16 07:38 PM
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    i am thinking to switch to O2 or t-mobile.. vodafone's edge usage price is a little too expensive, i asked them today.. £8 per month for only 120MB..

    but if iphone comes out with a 3G next year.. i will be stuck with O2 without 3G service and 1 1/2 year contract..
    2007-10-19 01:55 AM
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    Finally managed to upgrade to 1.1.1 (after a few days of 'brickedness') and now have to localise again - I've also found out that you can't seem to change the country location from USA in 1.1.1 - it just crashes out to the 'desktop' icons from contacts - most frustrating!

    Anyone know how to localise to British English/UK defaults? http://www.glassicstyle.com/iphone/ has some other localisations for UI but not UK English so far
    2007-10-27 11:03 AM
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    Just found out that the 1.1.1 has a hidden 'international' menu in the Springboard.app - you have to edit If you edit the M68AP.plist file (I used iFuntastic) as described here http://hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=10824 then you can go into Settings/International and select the region format to use - choosing United Kingdom automatically sets the default address book entry to UK (which helps when using maps etc..) as well as number formats. You can also select multiple keyboards.
    2007-10-31 11:32 PM
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    Just got back from a 'roaming trip' to Thailand and my phone seemed to perform well on the various networks there with my UK Vodafone SIM - it did seem to forget the Edge settings though (luckily) , with me having to re-enter them when I got back to the UK (I'm guessing as the phone is supposed to be locked to one network this is a feature not a bug).

    I was able to send a very cool email postcard from a ferry pier with free wifi of me and my friends crossing the Chaopraya river by bicycle (it can be done!)

    What else can I do to mod 1.1.1? and what treasures is 1.1.2 going to eventually offer me.... Only 48 hours before everyone get's there hands on them in the UK!

    My friend from Hong Kong also had a US import which was still running 1.0.2 and had several Chinese 3rd party apps to allow input and SMS support.
    2007-11-07 09:41 PM