1. seannunis's Avatar
    Hi i've been using 1.1.3 firmware on my iphone for over a month. My carrier is maxis, malaysia. My sim is 3g. In the begining, It used to display call fail, then after a few attempts it connects. Sometimes, it connects without any fuss. Got used to it until 2 days ago, it fails everytime i attempt to make a call. what could be wrong? i have not updated firmware. Text messages are fine, in and out plus i receive calls with no problem. Has anyone got a suggestion?
    2008-04-11 10:27 AM
  2. aheryan's Avatar
    pal, i'm having the same problem too. I bought my phone back in Dec 2007, that time it was 1.1.2 and i was using iWorld with PSS sim, I was facing exactly the same problem as you. Then I upgraded to 1.1.3, the problem persist and I suspected it was PSS sim problem so I use iLiberty to unlock after I upgraded to 1.1.4, and now I'm not longer using PSS sim but the problem doesn't seem to go away. All I can do is to press "Call Back" a few more times Not sure with other operator like DiGi or Celcom. Any clue?
    2008-06-11 06:40 PM