1. KPGills's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I`ve just been over to Chicago for work and picked up an IPhone. It wasn`t planned, I had a play in store and couldn`t resist

    I`ve unlocked it and have the Edge settings for 02 (I`m already on the 02 network).

    As I am on 02 will I be able to access the cloud wi-fi network and visual voicemail? (or do I have to be on a 35 per-month IPhone tarrif). If I can does anyone know the settings or do we have to wait until the official UK release to get them?

    Does anyone know how cloud works? Do 02 give you an ID\password or does it match a phone number or something? Sorry if that sounds dumb.

    Thanks alot,

    2007-10-30 01:08 AM
  2. fl3tch's Avatar
    i've had mine unlocked on voda for a while now. The cloud works with mac address so ties to phone. What i've done (a little sneaky) is subscribe to the cloud's touch plan for £4 a month, but using an iphone. 2 months in and they haven't complained. Dont know about visual voicemail, might be lucky with O2.
    2007-11-01 05:47 PM
  3. ryanlownie's Avatar
    I can see the Visual Voicemail being an iPhone tariff only option. Im not sure how voicemail works at their end but surely they must be stored differently at o2 to allow us to view them in random order and skip through the message.

    I am just going to stick with EDGE, which is really really slow, even in the city centre
    2007-11-02 02:09 AM
  4. Adsum's Avatar

    Are you spoofing your MAC address? If so could you tell me how you are doing it? I came across a thread on that subject a couple days ago, but now I can't find it. If you are not spoofing your MAC address how did you sign up? Their website has the first part of the MAC address filled out to match an iTouch- it can't be changed.
    2007-11-26 10:45 AM