1. Shadowcast's Avatar
    i got a buddy who wants to buy an iphone but hes on cingular. does the phone work with the cingular simcard with the standard unlock or do you need to do anything special?
    2008-04-29 03:33 AM
  2. Safari's Avatar
    I think it would work with the simple Unlock.
    2008-04-29 03:40 AM
  3. Shadowcast's Avatar
    yea...sorry im not all here tonight. i just realized that cingular is AT&T took me a wile till the thought jumped into my mind "AT&T IS CINGULAR DAMMIT" ugh im gonna hit my friend next time i see him
    2008-04-29 03:43 AM
  4. Safari's Avatar
    Haha yeah, when i first read it i thought that you needed to have AT&T SIM card too LOL.
    2008-04-29 03:51 AM
  5. Estelin's Avatar
    With the unlock your phone will work with any provider. I'm an Att (former Cingular) customer and it works perfectly well. Even you will be able to use it outside the country with any local provider sim as I did. Good luck!!!
    2008-04-29 01:29 PM