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    I am from India.I have an unlocked IPhone with firmware 1.0.2. Everything is fine except the SMS app. Whenever I get a picture message the SMS app quits.Then I have to reset the phone and sync all over again. I installed SMS Delete using installer.app and thought that since it allows individual sms to be deleted i would be fine but it displays only the viewed messages.I have 5 unread sms which may be causing the problem.Is there an easier alternative to manage this.Please help me.
    2007-11-06 06:06 AM
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    I'm confused... Just how EACTLY do you get a Picture SMS? The iPhone doesn't support conventional picture messaging.

    Search the forums and find the instructions on how to pull the sms database of the phone and delete the bad messages. That might help you.
    2007-11-06 06:12 AM
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    My friend tried sending me an SMS from his mobile with little smilies attached to it(every other phone has this feature).Then the IPhone is not able to pull that SMS and show.It will just quit.

    I tried the search.But there is help only for windows using iBrickr.I have a Mac.What should I do.
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    2007-11-06 06:29 AM
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    Hi Madhu,

    I am also from India, I can give you a solution for this. Download sqlite3 from internet. Also if you can winscp, then get the sms.db from /var/root/Library/SMS. Then open the sms.db using sqlite3.

    If you are very familiar with SQL (Structured Query Language), its easy.

    Because in 1.0.2 when you get sms with some special characters, it corrupts the sms application in opening. So you have to delete those messages.

    After opening the sms.db using sqlilte. Execute the following query

    Select * from messages;

    This will list you all the messages, including your corrupted message. Easy way to figure out the corrupted message is to, some junk characters will be there in "From" column. Each message will be having a rowid also.

    Once you get the rowid of the corrupted msg. Then execute the following command.

    Delete * from messages where rowid=<Number you got it>.

    But if you are not sure how to use the SQL. Then if you are ok with losing all the sms but get your new sms from now on. Just delete the sms.db and restart your phone. You SMS will work, but no previously stored SMS will be there as we have deleted the exisiting database.

    I am also in India, if needed anything reach out to me at 99406 53135.

    2007-11-22 11:19 AM