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    Hi there-I just got my iphone, unlocked. I have put my orange chip in, it is all going ok so far. My Fiance's still trying to work out how to work the internet though, having probs with edge, safari etc, so he'll be looking at this great forum later for help!!.....

    I just have a little problem, I hope someone can help. When someone txts me, their name+message comes up straight away on the front screen for everyone to see, I want it to just say I have a message then I can go into the messages and read it-Is there a way to do this???? Or just a way for the message to not come up on the screen?? I have gone to preview and changed the preview lines to none but this didnt change anything, Ive now found out that is only for email messages so thats why! Can I do anything, it is really annoying me!! I want abit of privacy you know, if I were to leave my phone downstairs nxt to my parents for example+a txt came through, they'd be able to see it with it popping right up! I hope someone can help!!

    Also does anyone know how I can get my delivery reports going. I love those things so I am really missing them now. Thank You so much to all who can help!!
    2008-05-05 01:37 PM