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    i have 1.1.4 in Pakistan with Zong Gsm, unlimited data plan,
    only thing that is working on it is weather, safari shows the page name but no more activity,
    Zong APN : zonginternet

    other settings that they have provided me are

    Manual internet settings.
    APN: zonginternet
    WAP GW:
    PORT: 9201(WAP 1.0)/ 8000(WAP 2.0)

    Manual MMS settings.
    APN: zongmms
    WAP GW:
    Port: 9201(WAP 1.0) / 8000(WAP 2.0)
    MMSC center:

    i dont know how to configure those kindly tell me what to do....
    in usage only 250kb data is received everytime i check weather or try to use safari,
    2008-05-09 02:25 PM
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    hei brother im also from pakistan my name is taha ...... chal;o koi to pakistani mila haha ......wat u needs to do is go to setting on ur iphone then go in general and then in to network then click dge and enter ur apn,username,password.........enjoy ...or reply kerna jalde
    2008-05-09 03:07 PM
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    nahi yaar i know that all stuff i have already done that but cant get it working all i get working is weather only, and that safari shows page name only...... are you using zong. I have tried the other method also

    Though proxy.pac but it doesnot work also

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", ""))
    return "PROXY";
    return "DIRECT";

    Next I saved this file in "/private/var/root"

    To edit my preferences file located in: /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist
    i went there but the file was not there i am on 1.1.4 but i found the file else where

    not in library

    anyone please help me

    i have restored my iphone once by downloading firmware files from ziphone and have jailbroken with idemocracy 3.0


    Someone Help me .....................
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