1. animaxy's Avatar
    Hi guys, I'm using an unlocked US version iPhone(1.1.1) with O2 on Simplicity plan, the only problem I've encountered is that I'm unable to view any texts from O2 itself, e.g. the username and password they sent to me when I inserted the SIM for the first time. However, there's no problem viewing texts sent from other people on O2.

    By the way, everything was fine when I was on pay & go.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!
    2007-11-19 07:47 PM
  2. RickyGervais's Avatar
    It's fixed in version 1.1.2, annoyed me to lol, so much so i made the upgrade
    2007-11-19 08:28 PM
  3. animaxy's Avatar
    Thank you very much RickyGervais, I'll be patiently waiting for 1.1.2 unlock then...
    2007-11-19 09:20 PM