1. dale1v's Avatar
    I had my iPhone and unlocked it to O2 before it was released in the UK. Because of this, my phone was more AT&T orientated; the Billing menu was "AT&T Services"

    Now that the UK iPhone was released, I'm pretty sure that that menu is now changed to "O2 Services". Has anyone tried downloading the O2 Billing Menu files from a 1.1.2 UK iPhone and uploading them to a US 1.1.1 iPhone to get a fully working carrier settings menu on 1.1.1? So instead of "AT&T Services", I get "O2 Services". At the moment, the method that worked for 1.0.2 doesn't work for 1.1.1. So instead of replacing stock files with modded files (that was the 1.0.2 method), can it be possible to replace the US stock files with UK stock files (the proposed new method). This should work shouldn't it? Opinions/Ideas?
    2007-11-20 10:52 AM
  2. timmyiowen's Avatar

    Why don't you just update to iPhone 1.1.2?

    I had an ATT iPhone using it on Vodafone NZ, when i updated it 2 days ago to 1.1.2 via itunes for some reason it had all the 02 Branding... APN's and everything was mobile.02.co.uk i think??

    Why u not using 1.1.2??

    2007-11-20 11:05 AM
  3. dale1v's Avatar
    Because my 1.1.1 iPhone is unlocked and I want to keep it that way, and there is no simple unlock method for 1.1.2; I haven't got time to do any extensive hacking to update the phone like I did previously.
    2007-11-20 04:13 PM
  4. soulboy's Avatar
    I have an unlocked US phone running on o2. I have gone into an o2 shop and in the setttings there is no o2 services page all there is, is a change voicemail password link.
    You can get the setting on here if you search. I changed mine to read o2 services and then call customer services etc....
    I have now upgraded to 1.1.2 and unlocked my phone didn't take long.
    2007-11-21 12:55 AM
  5. dale1v's Avatar
    yeah i found a UK iphone today and where tye billing menu was- was just a link to the O2 homepage. I will update to 1.1.2 in the weekend maybe, but I rarely have the time.
    2007-11-23 12:50 AM