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  1. sneaky squirrel's Avatar
    Im in Australia and have a newly unlocked iphone with an optus sim in, but it appears that most things work on it except for the most important thing! Making/receiveing calls and sms.
    When I enter in numbers to call, after pressing the first digit it bounces back to main screen, it wont even let me enter in full phone number.
    Similarly, I get the same bounce back to main screen when i attempt to sms.
    and I cant receive any calls either.

    Has anyone had this same problem? Im thinking it has to do with the optus network?

    Any help is greatly appreciated! i did search this qn, but found that people mostly had a problem with just sms.

    thanks again!!
    2008-06-03 01:04 PM
  2. nickh's Avatar
    Hi mate, have you tried resetting network settings?? have you been able to make calls before??
    2008-06-03 01:27 PM
  3. sneaky squirrel's Avatar
    Hi, thanks for your reply.. no i havent.. have been reading up about it tonight but didnt want to do the wrong thing.. a friend unlocked my ipod for me so i have really very litttle understanding about all this tech stuff..

    do you mean to change the APN settings?

    sorry, to clarify, no i havent tried resetting network settings. and i have not been able to make /receive calls before on my iphone.
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    2008-06-03 02:12 PM
  4. nickh's Avatar
    Ok,,, reset network settings navigate to settings>general>reset>reset network settings. and press it, let it do its thing and try to make a call, let me know how you go.
    2008-06-03 02:27 PM
  5. sneaky squirrel's Avatar
    thanks for your suggestion. tried it, but nothing changed unfortunately, same bounce back when i enter numbers or go to sms..
    2008-06-03 02:41 PM
  6. nickh's Avatar
    You say in your 1st post "its a newly unlocked phone" but i see ur using 1.1.2 FW is it on 1.1.2 or 1.1.4?
    2008-06-03 02:47 PM
  7. sneaky squirrel's Avatar
    sorry, not sure, will it say on the iphone? i think it is 1.1.2 purchased in nov last year, but just unlocked yetserday.

    found it. yes version 1.1.2
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    2008-06-03 02:54 PM
  8. nickh's Avatar
    Yes will say it on phone, go to settings>general>about...Next to Version will state what FW you are on. do you know what method it was unlocked by. ie Ziphone or iliberty?

    Was this bought a few days ago from ebay? from a guy near Werribee?
    2008-06-03 02:58 PM
  9. sneaky squirrel's Avatar
    its version 1.1.2
    yet to find out how it was unlocked.. waiting to hear back from friend (not a close one)

    i purchased in the US last year while on holidays, just been slow to unlock it.
    2008-06-03 03:02 PM
  10. nickh's Avatar
    If i was you i would update it to 1.1.4 this puts a clean FW on your phone and will wipe if any bugs you have, set it up as a NEW IPHONE when prompted in itunes. DONT USE ziphone as this is not good for your baseband. you can DL 1.1.4 from the download section above, and i suggest use iliberty+ or Pwngd to JB, unlock & activate it,this is also available in DL section read guides on how to use it, its very easy just a few simple steps to follow.

    Don't be to afraid of using this, there are always fixes, and i can help you through it. I have had my phone since the first release on FW 1.0.0 and gone up every update so know what problems can occur. There is loads of info from other posters on this site that can guide you through.
    2008-06-03 03:15 PM
  11. sneaky squirrel's Avatar
    hey, will check back tomorrow. thanks so much for your help. heading to bed now, work tomorrow : (

    thanks for your advice! you're very kind. sounds scary, but will have take a peek tomorrow.. goodnight, and thanks again.
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    2008-06-03 03:20 PM
  12. nickh's Avatar
    Cool, good luck, also check out the Guides section for info on Unlocking JB and activation.

    Here you go mate, this is very easy to use.

    theiphoneproject downloads
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    2008-06-04 02:16 AM
  13. sneaky squirrel's Avatar
    Hey nickh, if you're there i have a basic qn.. just checking that if i download FW 1.1.4, its ok to use iLibertyX 1.51to unlock?

    Ive had a read around, i downloaded FW 1. 1.4 and ilibertyx 1.51..
    is it really as simple as plugging my iphone in to itunes, restoring it, and running libertyx?? still scared!
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    2008-06-04 01:40 PM
  14. MattMac's Avatar
    I use and Optus sim on my iPhone in Australia... Works fine...

    Don't be afraid of a restore. Its the best thing to do a restore when things aren't working...

    To restore, download the 1.1.4 firmware from here.
    Then hold in the power and home button till the screen turns black. Then let go of the power button while still holding the home button and plug your iTunes cord in at the same time...
    Then hold in option if your on a Mac, of shift if your on Windows and locate the firmware you downloaded...
    Than use iLiberty to unlock your iPhone. I don't really know how to use it as I pwn my iPhone, but in you search the forum you will find a link and instructions.

    And don't stress, it's all completely safe.
    16GB iPhone 3G
    2.2 Pwned
    Dedicated Cydia User

    2.2 GHz Intel MacBook

    Mac OS X 10.5.5
    Bootcamp w/ Windows XP
    2008-06-04 02:12 PM
  15. sneaky squirrel's Avatar
    thanks so much for your ancouragement and advice! good to hear someones successful on optus sim.

    as u can tell im being ridiculously cautious.. but just wanted to give you more background info to double check the above recommendations still apply..

    given that:
    * I purchased a iphone 1.1.2 in the states - its been 'jailbreaked' and unlocked (with problems now - cant call or sms) This was hooked up to itunes 7.6.2 on mac OSx
    * I dont know what method my friend used to unlock it.

    will any of these things affect your recommendations or is still safe to proceed?
    2008-06-04 02:52 PM
  16. nickh's Avatar
    Its safe to go on mate, Dont worry bout it... what you are doing is updating ur FW to the latest version, and then activating it again so you can use optus, its very easy, I have done it loads of times on my fone and my wifes.

    Any joy there mate??
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    2008-06-04 04:56 PM
  17. sneaky squirrel's Avatar
    Hi again, still havent done it - but dont give up on me!!!! i think im going to do it now, just wanted to check whether you recommend that i tick any of the boxes here at this section of liberty x:
    7. If you wish to install other options, or add other programs by using a special payload file, click on the Apps tab. The Cydia +BSD Subsystem will install the Cydia package manager (see online help for more info). There are also options for recommended apps and OpenSSH. To use your own payloads, check the box for Select your own payload, and browse to find your custom payload file.

    it all looks a bit confusing, i did a quick search and it seems like its stuff to do with allowing you to install more applications?? i dont think i'll be wanting to do that though, I just want standard stuff on it i think.. do you think i should say yes to any of these options??
    2008-06-05 01:15 PM
  18. nickh's Avatar
    Hi mate,

    Have you done it yet??
    I wouldnt worry to much about them, installing bsd Subsystem you can do via Installer as with Cydia and most of the others that are in those tick boxes. Installer will be automaticly installed for you when you run iLberty. also all the above can be installed after you run liberty.
    2008-06-05 02:01 PM
  19. sneaky squirrel's Avatar
    Hi! I was waiting to hear back from you as to what to do, hehehe. ok i think i'll try it now..
    fingers crossed! and i wont tick any of those boxes then. Thanks!!
    2008-06-05 02:10 PM
  20. nickh's Avatar
    You will be fine mate, you will also be surprised how simple it is!! only tick Jail break + installer, Activate and Unlock.
    2008-06-05 02:14 PM
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