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    I live in Anchorage, and currently our GSM provider here in Anchorage is Dobson otherwise known as Cellular One. Well, we don't have the free long distance, or the unlimited data plans, roll over minutes, nothing. But, AT&T is going to honor all contracts until they are expired. So, I want to switch plans when they are officially here.

    I just bought an iPhone, and like most people I don't want to wait till Dec 9th when the switchover goes into effect. So, if I unlock the iPhone, but I want to switch plans to a family plan that includes the use of an iPhone in it, will it require me to activate? If it does or doesn't, I also would like to take advantage of the firmware updates and everything else that comes along with being an AT&T customer. Does unlocking the phone stop that because it will put it back in the activation stage, because it is not activated legit?

    Or, it may just be easier to wait till Dec. 9th?

    -- Joe
    2007-11-28 05:20 AM