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    Like many of you i don't fancy an 18 month contract with a provider (O2 Ireland in my case), so i've thought up a seemingly foolproof plan that i want ye to either give your seal of approval, or pick numberable holes in....

    02 Ireland are offering the iPhone at three prices, the lowest being 49 ($75). This sounds great but it comes with a 100/month price plan. What i plan on doing is going into the 02 shop on the 11th and purchasing it with cash (which i already checked is allowed). Then they will naturally ask me to show proof of identity (i'm crunk at Photoshop so that's not a problem), and sign a contract. When i leave the shop i will then just go home and h4X0r it until it is teh unlocked. After 30 days when they realise it hasn't been activated they can't contact me because i have given them a fake name and address. Foolproof?

    I am worried about 2 issues:
    1) They ask for my bank details in the shop. Are they necessary?
    2) I could get into serious trouble for fraudulently signing a contract. Could i?

    Hope ye can help
    When I said that I was 'king of forwards', you got to understand that I don't come up with this stuff. I just forward it along. You wouldn't arrest a guy who was just passing drugs from one guy to another?
    2008-06-15 08:24 PM
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    A contract is a legal document and in the end what you're doing is committing fraud in order to get a discount on the phone so there is a risk.
    2008-06-15 08:30 PM
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    I don't quite foresee this working, and there are a couple of places it could trip up... My understanding is that new policies for iPhone 3G mean that signing a contract for it is like any other phone contract, so here's where the problems lie:

    Firstly, in what you've said up above, the naughtiness begins when you fake your ID. You'll have to have both photo ID and a utility bill or statement of some kind. Faking/ altering a passport or other state ID is an offence in Ireland - as in most countries - so it's not to be done lightly. If you're keeping the photo ID intact (as I'd expect you would, cause it's MUCH harder to change) that means it's the bill or statement you're changing. In that case altering the physical document is easy, but it does have to match the name on the ID.

    The first really big problem then comes with the actual credit check and authorisation. Mobile phone networks - like banks and credit firms - use credit check firms such as Experian or the Irish Credit Bureau to check whether you're a risky customer or not. They don't just hand out bill phones, much like they don't just hand out credit cards or car-loans.

    If you're using a dodgy ID, your ICB/ Experian record (and trust me, if you do anything through the banking system you have both, whether you want to or not) may not come-up, and as a non-person (like a child or newly-arrived immigrant) they simply won't give you a phone, or may ask you to pay a deposit to cover risk.

    If your credit record DOES come up, then essentially you've failed in your effort, because part of your credit record is your bank account/ credit cards, and the ability to trace you if you lied on your contract...

    Which leads to the other main issue, which is that in signing a bill, you have to sign a direct debit or credit card contract anyway, and giving a made-up number doesn't work because they will reference the number through the IPSO clearing system to make sure it actually exists before they let you out the door.

    All that said, I'm sure there has to be some way to get one of these without the bill. Having existed in an expensive state of warranty-less terror for the last few months with my 2G iPhone I don't actually mind going legit for the next one, but there are large numbers of people like yourself who have no interest in being tied down, people who represent a market O2 are otherwise shutting out.

    There's always a chance they'll put it on Speakeasy at some exorbitant price... Maybe...
    2008-06-30 04:36 PM
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    one word............ YES!
    2008-06-30 06:35 PM
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    You'll have to give personal details that match exactly to your credit report. So short of stealing someones credit card and ID, there's no way you can do this.

    Most likely they will charge your card or bank a nominal amount to check that is legit before giving you the phone.

    Plus everything magicgumdrop said
    To live, you have to lie
    2008-06-30 06:59 PM
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    are you stupid?? you dont think they check your info when signing a contract?? credit check????
    2008-06-30 09:58 PM
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    Actually, I think I've got a method down for you, legal and all!

    O2 Ireland have posted their Terms and Conditions on their website, and an interesting side effect of the porting system (changing your number from one network to another) should allow you to get your hands on a phone...


    The implication is if you:

    (i) Have a number on another network;

    (ii) Sign up to an iPhone contract, with all the bells and whistles, with your real ID, and ask them to port you to O2 and

    (iii) Between 8-14 days after you sign you exercise your rights under Full Mobile Number Portability rules to port back to original network and terminate your contract without penalty

    you will not be given a refund on the phone, therefore must keep it!

    Of course O2 warns:

    "PLEASE NOTE that should you decide to port your number back to your original operator during the Porting Period, any monies paid by you for your Mobile Phone are non refundable, your Mobile Phone may be unworkable and that O2 does not warrant, represent or guarantee in any way that the Mobile Phone will function or operate on any network other than the O2 Network."

    At which point you need to trust that someone will come up with a nice software hack for you to take your otherwise bricked phone and use it as you will.

    No guarantees of course, but it's all in the contract, so this might actually work...
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    2008-07-02 06:58 PM