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    I also read in the Toronto Star that it would be releasing in 08.

    anyone else have any info on this?
    2008-01-14 11:55 PM
  2. mzkaye729's Avatar
    2008-01-15 12:18 AM
  3. tomio's Avatar
    ok, thanks for your help with that.
    2008-01-15 12:51 AM
  4. nkoul_96's Avatar
    Even that to prove we are January 20 today so ya its fake.My guess is that it will come out with SDK.
    2008-01-20 07:15 PM
  5. 1BADRIDE's Avatar
    There is NO WAY Rogers' will release the iPhone in Canada anytime SOON.

    For the iPhone to be even remotely usable as a communications tool and its INTENDED purpose as an entertainment device, one would rack up a bill of $200/month or more. This is with MODERATE use, heaven forbid what kind of bill a heavy user would encounter (with today's limited data rate plans). There used to be a $50/month unlimited data rate pkg, but that was stopped as soon as it was realized that it would be more profitable to inspect (and in some cases filter) your private data and bill you based on the content.

    If the iPhone arrives with what the Lemmings...errr I mean Canadians think is a "reasonable" data plan rate, Rogers would have to justify

    a) Why they are allowed to "look" at your data, and putting a value on the TYPE of data - a bit is a bit is a bit - it doesn't matter if it's audio, video, etc; in fact it SHOULDN'T BE ANY OF THEIR BUSINESS.

    b) Why they have been gouging their customers for so many years with the ludicrous data plan rates they have been ripping people off with.

    Record profits year after year, they just bought out EVERYTHING (A whole bunch of television stations including CityTV, all the good radio stations, ALL GSM providers, communications companies, Skydome, countless buildings and properties)... and they STILL *proactively* look for ways to nickel and dime their clients.

    Record profits year after year, and STILL forcing a system access fee? LOL

    You know what else is RED? :P

    Rogers... working hard to hold Canada back... unless you're rich.

    Ted Rogers worked VERY hard to stop Sirius Canada from merging with XM Radio citing that Sirius would become a monopoly (oh yes, that's right he has a bunch of FM stations to worry about!)... he also ACTIVELY continues the fight to prevent any new GSM providers from setting up shop in the COUNTRY, using the argument that it would "hurt business" and facilitate the ability to set up shop for the purposes of flipping a company... Sorry Ted, you shouldn't be the only one allowed to do that.

    Here some interesting reading for any fellow Canadians, a blast from the past 1991:


    The conclusions made are interesting.
    2008-01-22 02:17 PM
  6. prybar's Avatar
    Well said 1BADRIDE....I agree with pretty much everything....it's incomprehensible that we have 2 GSM providers owned by the same company. While were at it, why not sell ALL the TV stations to Bell, and merge the banks into 1 big one, who needs competition? I use my iPhone on the EDGE as little as possible, not so much for the cost, but more for the simple fact that i want to give Ted as little as possible.

    Come on Cingy or T-mo, bring your services up here, i'll drop Rogers (and bring 4 phones with me) like a hot potato!

    2008-01-28 02:24 PM