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    I am moving to the UK in 3 weeks and looking into what phone I should get. Im already familiar with the jailbreaking process since I have a jailbroken Ipod touch so the technical stuff isn't a big deal. Im looking for suggestions though, can I buy a used Iphone here in the states and unlock it and throw a UK sim card into it when I get there. Is there something special that I might need to do? When I get the Iphone, should I upgrade it up to 2.0 or leave it at 1.1.4/5? Or is it better to just get a regular unlocked phone and throw a sim card in it. I will be mostly making the occasinaly call, but I'm big on texting.

    Thanks ahead
    2008-07-28 11:34 PM
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    maybe if you are moving just get an iphone and plan through 02
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    2008-08-01 10:37 PM