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    ok i know this is a played out topic, asking if the 3G/iPhone is going to work on tmo usa, and the current word is of course no. i was curious to see if there was actually carriers in the world that use 1700 instead of the 1900/2100? I know if one in Japan called EMOBILE, and was wondering if there were any more in Asia or Europe.

    the reason i ask is that if there are carriers that do 3G in frequencies other than the 850/1900/2100, then there is a chance that such a chip exists 850/1700/1900/2100 or something with the 1700 - and maybe apple could use it in the future. (yea - i know far fetched...) or even if there is such a carrier and apple wants to support it - they will have no choice but to support it (again if such a chip exists...)

    so i guess this could be in the tmo section.... but i figure i'd get more 'global' info here...
    2008-08-03 02:28 PM
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    most quad band chips support 850/900/1900/2100. i dont think that there is a lot of 1700 bands out there in the world. ill look around and see
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    2008-08-03 06:39 PM